I can’t tell you how happy I was to read what Catherine has wrote about my tattoo shop, or how honored I was to tattoo Abby. The 4 journalism teachers that came to my shop and ask me to participate in helping them with a project they were doing was a great opportunity for me to get the word out and to help fellow Kent State students at the same time . I hope you enjoy reading it.

Originally posted on KSU ASNE:

by Catherine Hagan 

Having a successful tattoo shop is all about the “client experience,” Jay Miller, owner of Crucible Tattoo, said. The shop, located on Main Street in Kent, Ohio.

What distinguishes Crucible from the other businesses, Miller said, is that everything he does is about the overall experience for the client.

“There are six tattoo shops in the area,” he said, “but which one do you want? Do you want the one where you pay $20 and a guy puts something on you or do you want a piece of art that you can go show off?”

This is why Miller said he feels it is important to get to know each client on a personal basis.

One of the most important things when getting to know a client, he said, is taking the time to ask that person direct questions and help guide him to making a decision…

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